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Outplacement services are offered by downsizing organisations to employers to manage the redundancy situation in an optimal way, and to employees made redudant, through experts supporting their transition to new jobs. In this area our company, HR KOZÁK has been supporting its customers for almost 20 years.

Redundancy management: We provide managers and HR staff with professional support to get extensively prepared for managing the redundancy situation: tasks arising from their roles, the hows ans whys of the implementation, stress- and conflict prevention, protection of the employer brand.

The goal of our Group- & individual outplacement programs is to place employees who lost their jobs, or to get them engaged in any other gainful activity.

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Redundancy management

Each redundancy situation is unique. Therefore, based on the circumstances, goals and opportunities, we provide comprehensive consulting services to properly plan and conduct a humane and lawful execution:

  • Prepare HR professionals to apply statutory provisions, to address specific labor situations, be aware of their responsibilities related to the downsizing and to deal with employees' emotions.
  • Prepare managers for the termination talk, to deal with departing employees' emotions and to support those who remain.
  • Planning & formulation of external and internal communications
More than a chance
to a quick and successful career transition

Group outplacement

Through our group outplacement programs, redundant white collar and blue collar staff are supported in finding a new job by our consultants with extensive experience:

  • Kick-off meeting – managing emotions and presentation of the program
  • Information Day – framing the job search period, types of employment, available benefits
  • Job search techniques training
  • One-to-one consultancy services - execution of the job search action plan with support of a personal advisor
  • Active placement service – finding matching job offers for each individuals
new career goals and strategies

Individual outplacement program

Our outplacement programs designed for Executives/managers and key employees are supported by our experienced coaches, who are specializing in this area:

  • Support of dedicated coach during the whole program
  • Becoming aware of and processing emotions associated with change, looking at the future with an open state of mind
  • Life goals, career goals, strengths, opportunities, processes, job search channels and documents
  • Networking, proactive job search

Our achievements 2009-2022

Number of customers

Group programs

Individual programs

Some successfully resolved
redundancy situations

1. Plant closing and mass layoff in a short period of time (3 months)

Owner of a multi-national group of companies decided to close down its factory employing 1,800 people, within 3 months. During the reduction of workforce, each employees were provided outplacement services, including those females working in semi-skilled jobs, who were representing 90% of the total staff. Based on their residence, Hungarian and Slovak participants of the program were primarily supported in two sub-regions of Hungary's labor market to ensure their swift and successful placement.

Result : 87% of staff placed or engaged in any other gainful activity

2. Laying off hundreds at once in multiple regions

Financial institution operating nationwide in eight regions simultaneously, implemented a one stroke workforce reduction affecting hundreds of people. The employer wanted to provide all of them with same value and same quality outplacement services. Therefore to ensure the availability of such a support, Outplacement Centers were built in each of the eight regions.

Result : 75% of staff placed or engaged in any other gainful activity

3. Redundancy management

Owner an international service company with a headcount of 90 at the hungarian affiliate, first decided to cut jobs, then to suspend the activities of the company. The organization had neither HR staff, nor experience in managing the process of downsizing. Therefore they entrusted us to manage the redundancy and to provide outplacement services during the whole 1.5 year period of cutbacks.

Result: 92% placement rate and job cuts without litigation

4. Executive outplacement

One of the key multinational players in the telecom sector had to terminate one executive, who achieved outstanding results in different areas for a long period, due to restructuring. The senior manager was an emblematic figure of the company, the unexpected change hit him hard personally. He performed well below his real capabilities in the selection process of the matching job opportunities within the organization, that he applied to. So he failed to transit to another job within the organization.

Result: After the failures he entered the executive outplacement program. Six months later he was selected and hired to a higher position than his previous one by a multinational firm, larger than his former employer.

Our customers said…

„… The layoff schedule required a near-instant launch of the program, that was smootly implemented by the team of KOZÁK HR, so service quality remained high all the time …”
Márta Mallér, HR director – Microsoft NOKIA Komárom Kft.

„… KOZÁK HR's colleagues accompanied the whole process scrupulously, properly conveying the initial questions, problems, greatly helping us to find solutions that satisfy both parties in most of the cases.” László Bek-Balla, HR director – ERSTE Bank

„… KOZÁK HR provided outplacement services tailored to our company. Our colleagues involved in the dismissals gave us only positive feedbacks on the support provided to them, and on the human and professional attitude of KOZÁK HR's professionals…”
Éva Kreiter, HR director – Schneider Electric Hungária Villamossági Zrt.

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Who are we

  • Catalysts and facilitators of organizational changes and individual transitions caused by an organizational change, for over one and a half decades
  • Managers and specialists hardened in the field of enterprise HR, who have implemented job cuts on their own.
  • Professionals who had to manage our own career change alone, so we know what and how to help others
  • We know the domestic labor market, trends, expectations and opportunities through projects we implemented since 1998

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